the people behind the scenes


Check it out amigos, I get it, the vloggers and #instafamous crowd have done to bios what José Cuervo and Partron have done to tequila. 

But if you're like I am, you kindly ask the guy or gal behind the bar working their nads off to leave the bottle and hit 'em with "who's behind this tasty beverage".

This ones for you..

I was an Aviation Rescue Swimmer/ Door Gunner in the Navy for 6 years and quite the artist with that GAU-21 (shout out to my boys on DET-6). When I got out I led an expedition to circumnavigate Cape Horn with a couple homies on a busted old boat to raise awareness and end Veteran Suicides. When I'm not on the streets slingin' tequila you can find me running sailboat charters around Galveston Bay. 




"Started from the bottom now she hurrr!"

I started out working behind the register at a Whataburger in Austin, TX, coming home every night smelling like french fries was not one of my favorite memories but I absolutely fell in love with the family I found in the company.

It was all uphill from there! I worked my tail off to the top team running data and workforce analytics for the big orange 'W' we all know and love. Everything people is the name of my game - what you had for breakfast, why you chose to drive a different way to work, why you decided to shoot tequila instead of sipping it like the rest of the world. 

Alpha the Island Dog!!!!

My mom is my thunder buddy.

But for real, Alpha goes every where we go. Movies, grocery store, beach, tequila tastings, it's going down.


Biggest baby we've ever known, scared shittless of fireworks so if theres no room on the couch to hide behind you, he's going to sit on your head.

This goof ball has the tongue of a cow so watch your face when you meet him.

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