"If we make it back alive, what are you going to do?"

Any person who has ever walked the thin line between life and death has asked themselves this question. Any person who has served in our military has had this conversation at length. And I would bet you a case of our fine tequila that Odysseus and his crew had this very conversation as they fought the seas to get back home.

This story is no different.

After 6 years in the U.S. Navy, Taylor dumped every cent he saved into a beat up old boat and set sail with a small crew for the biggest baddest waters on the planet, to raise awareness and ultimately end the Veteran Suicide epidemic in the states.

It was during this two year expedition the idea to bring a tequila back that is worthy of every person who has ever stood toe to toe with the darkest storms. A tequila that stands by your side as you conquer what everyone else believes to be impossible.

In every storm, in 70ft seas, in hurricanes the question "If we make it back alive, what are you going to do?" would come up. For Taylor, it was:


Well amigos, they made it back alive and Cape Horn Tequila is coming to a store near you.

"End veteran suicide, and create the best damn tequila this world has ever experienced."